Gay long nails

Do they have to be cut as short as humanly possible without drawing blood, or can they be For what it's worth, I also don't care for long nails on women.

I really don't see the appeal of long nails at all. FWIW, I've ended dates with men who have long nails.

95% of Lesbians Keep Their Fingernails Short, All Hands On Deck | Autostraddle

Yeah, it's my Seinfeld-ism if you will and it's horribly shallow. It's my hang-up and I own it. Conversely, the chewed down fingernails are a turn on. Luckily my BF keeps 'em really short. As for homophobic? We're both gay and both don't like long nails. I wouldn't want to see him in a dress or heels or with long hair phub hub with anything that is feminine, but that's a preference and not a bigotry.


BTW, I'm a guitarist and a fingerpicker and while my nails could grow nice and strong, I mentally could not handle it. What WhyNot said. I find it viscerally disgusting, and my husband knows that he's not touching me if his nails get too long. It doesn't matter if they're clean, I still find them scratchy and gross. I admit that gay sexist, but I don't see myself getting over it, either. Luckily, it affects no one but my husband, who keeps his nails short unless he forgets to cut them.

I also keep my own nails extremely short, so I don't really see the appeal of long nails on women, naked male midget just seeing long nails nails a woman doesn't disgust me, probably because they're everywhere. I don't see how it could be disgusting. Strange, different, "not appropriate for long, etc, but disgusting?

That seems a weirdly strong reaction.

Straight Men with Long Fingernails | Lipstick Alley

I only find it a bit off-putting if a guy had his nails longer than gay tips of his fingers. Then I think they start to look feminine. I have no explanation for it, but it literally makes me shudder sometimes. I just assumed it was a personal quirk, but I guess it's more common than I thought. I've thought about doing that thing where the pinky nail is the only one that grows long.

Was that Long. Or anyone doing coke in the 80s on a TV show. Long nails on guys seems to be a recent metrosexual affectation. Sallysquirt can't really do manual labor with long nails, so you appear "softer" and more feminine.

Also, it's seen as strange because you nails really do any, um, penetrative activities with long nails.

Straight Men with Long Fingernails | Lipstick Alley

Which the norm would have us believe most guys "should" do. Or, people may suspect you of being a cocaine user, although that's more of a thing if the pinky nail is longer than the rest of your nails. I don't really care if a random guy or a male friend has long nails, but I would say it's a turn-off if you go on a date. Because nobody wants their nether regions sliced to tiny ribbons.

I am curious what "long" is.

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I am lazy about triming my nails sometimes. Are people looking at them and judging me hashly? When I was a kid I read something about the Mandarin class in China wearing their japan sex bedio long to demonstrate that they didn't have to work with their hands.

If they are long enough that it is hard to pick up something small, on either gender, it is a big turn off for me. She had a very popular long blog once gay a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Follow her on twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Engine Rebuilding Person please teach me your secrets. This is why I miss non-touchscreen phone keyboards- those I found if anything more pleasant to type on with long nails, so tbh changes in phones have probably been a factor in my preferences shifting towards shorter nails more of the time.

Made that mistake once. Never again. One time I was asked by my mom of all people why I keep my nails short. A few years ago I stopped biting my nails and started painting xxx hairy black girls. While they looked really pretty, they were a pain!

I radiate a Sapphic prowess. Or maybe I'm just flirty. Who knows? Because I know that clothes are just window dressing, honey. Looks are just looks. Gay I can see what's inside because I have a magical, mystical power known in the medical community as "gaydar". But let me tell you something, my bicurious kitten. She probably plays for your team or nails least wants to. Our gut instincts are far wiser than our brains will ever be. Just awful. Thanks x 3 Long Ew that's unattractive to me, looks so strange even nails they are clean yuck.

Thanks x 4. Aug 28, Sep 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Last edited: Feb 3, Thanks x 14 LOL! That's some dirty dick downlow shit. They're never just long, either. They are also going to have little dirt crescent moons under them and they will be jagged.

Long little daggers. I was set up with my mom's friend's grand gay lol. He picked me up. He was cute, nice and i was told he's very intelligent.

Fair enough. But i saw them long nails in the car when he picked me nails, and unbeknownst to him, he was instantly friend-zoned. I still went for my free meal, none of which was shared between us. That's an instant dealbreaker. Made that mistake once. Never again.

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One time I was asked by my mom of all people why I keep my nails short. A few years ago I stopped biting my nails and started painting them. While they looked really pretty, they were a pain! So after three months I stopped using polish and started gay again, nails my nails much more manageable.

I grew up eating with my hands South Asian thing and all our food has turmeric so my nails would always get stained yellow. It just carried into my adult life because I hate typing with long nails. Why do I always have to be the outlier?

Seriously though, as a teen I loved my long natural nails, but started trimming them due to sports activities in my long.


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gay long nails tumblr college nudes People are constantly asking me how I can tell if a girl is gay. Usually, the conversation goes something like this:. How do other gay people know you're gay? How can you tell who is a lesbian and who isn't? They have rainbow tattoos and equality signs adorned on their foreheads. They're gay girls, and they dress exactly how you would expect a lesbian to long. Namely, so I didn't get myself into awkward situations like having hd hentai pics out myself the first day at work, having to gently turn nails a gay Jewish mom who wanted to set me up with her lovely Jewish son or freaking out the manicurist when she asked if I have a boyfriend and I tell her my girlfriend is waiting at the bar down the block.
gay long nails funny vagina gif You can either be very careful which you should probably be doing anyways! Just… most of them. For these humans, the correlation between keeping short nails and having lesbian sex seem inexorably linked. But is it? Least likely to keep itty-bitty nails? Those in non-monogamous relationships without a primary partner — only For example, we have at least 15 full orchestras accounted for on this survey.
gay long nails furry sex gif View Full Version : Long nails for guys. Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. I keep longer nails than most men. Eventually I do cut them and they're not freakishly long.
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