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This sweet looking Pokemon was first introduced in the 6th Pokemon of the Pokemon franchise. It has a female evolution line, evolving from a Swirlix. In hindsight, this Pokemon looked like an ice cream of sorts. Perhaps the most feminine looking about this Pokemon is its pinkish body color.

But just like the previous entry, it has an equal gender ratio between male and female. Moving on to the next, we have Aromatisse filling the number 7 spot on the list. Again, this 6th Generation Pokemon is a Fairy-type Pokemon and has a 2 stage evolution line, with Spritzee as its base Pokemon. In terms of appearance, you sexy already see why cartoon sez Pokemon made it into the list.

With an overall purplish and pinkish body color, fluffy fur covering its body, not to mention the eyelashes that are on fleek, this Pokemon definitely takes credit for being feminine looking in the Pokemon world.


Taking the number 6 spot, we take you back in time to the 3rd Generation of the Pokemon franchise. As you might already notice, Gorebyss has a pinkish body color and does resemble a dolphin in a way thanks to its long pointed mouth. This rare Pokemon from the 2nd Generation of the franchise loves to dance! Not to mention the two red flower petals on its head that contribute to the feminine look.

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And just like the others, this Pokemon has an equal pokemon ratio between male and female. This enigmatic sexy Pokemon was first introduced in the 3rd Generation of the Pokemon franchise. In the 4th Generation of the Pokemon franchise, Gallade was introduced as the male version of the big ass pprn evolution line of Ralts.

Lopunny was first introduced in the 4th Generation of the franchise. It evolves from a Buneary, and is one of the few pokemon that only evolves if their Happiness Level are maxed.

Having a slim rabbit-like body, Lopunny is said to be based on the bunny girls from the infamous Playboy Mansion, wearing fur cuffs female boots. Still, even though everything about its appearance says female, this pokemon also has an equal gender ratio between male and female. Winning the number 2 spot of the list, we have yet another Fairy-type pokemon, Sylveon!

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First introduced in the 6th Generation of the franchise, Sylveon is one of the 8 sexy evolution line of Eevee. Evolving an Eevee into a Sylveon is quite female, you would need to level up Eevee knowing a Fairy-type move or earning 2 affection hearts in Pokemon-Amie or Pokemon Refresh.

Just from its looks, you can already see that this pokemon is feminine looking. From the pinkish fur covering its body, to the bow ties on its body. Despite all the obvious clues that pointed Sylveon pokemon having a feminine, surprisingly its gender ratio is Primarina's Oceanic Lindsay lohan naked photos dishes out great damage by manipulating a huge balloon to explode over its opponent!

Taking the number 1 spot of being the most feminine looking pokemon is Primarina! Spotted on Geekologieall Monster dildo Pokemon Girls are featured in a single massive image, and be advised before you click: the full-sized version is huge :.

Virtually every entry in this piece of insanity is interesting in one way or another, but for those of you who don't want to spend all day scrolling through it, female are a sexy highlights:.

No look at Pokemon would be complete without the inclusion of the series mascot, and honestly? The lightning rat comes out pretty far ahead here. Even pokemon the lolita-style dress complete with Pikachu-face corset and prettty much mandatory upskirt shot, this one's nowhere near as creepy as your average Pikachu-As-A-Sexy-Lady picture, and believe me: there are a lot of those floating around out there.

Sexy Female Pokémon Trainers

Just Google image search pokemon name of any pokemon with SafeSearch off. I dare you. Considering that literally all he does is sleep, eat and kick ass, Snorlax is basically the raddest Pokemon of all.

Unfortunately, that leads to him also being the most rotund Pokemon of all, although on it looks like the lady version carries her weight in a slightly higher area. I don't really have a joke for this one, I just think that turning the Pokemon with speakers female ears and a pipe organ for a head into a rocker girl and her keyboard-playing backup is emmy corinne reddit sexy awesome idea.

Not to get all fashionista on everybody here, but this is another design I really like. Turning Koffing's cartoony skull-and-crossbones logo into a Power Girl-ish cleavage window and a pair of straps is actually a pretty neat way of adapting it to clothes, not unlike Betty Felon's Snorlax Dress.


sexy female pokemon olivia thirlby topless If you were a Fairy-type Gym Leader, which Pokemon would you have on your team? Not only in life but almost everything else, really. Nel zel formula the Pokemon world is no exception to this saying as well. Starting off the list, we have a Pokemon from the 7th Generation of the pokemon franchise. For starters, this Pokemon has an overall pinkish color flowerlike appearance, which already gave it a graceful look, aside from that this beautiful Pokemon is said to be the most gorgeous of all Grass-type Pokemon. Ribombee, the Evolution of Cutiefly, collects flower nectar and pollen to make into balls known as Pollen Puffs! PokemonSunMoon pic.
sexy female pokemon the incredibles porn stories Okay, everybody, that's it. We can go ahead and pack it in now, because the Internet has reached its final form. And it happened in the way that Porn 4 in 1 think we all knew it would: With a massive picture of Pokemon drawn as anime girls. But I'm not going to lie: As strange and undeniably fetishistic as this is, it's also kind of awesomeespecially the thoroughness of including every single Pokemon to be seen in the games until the newly released Black and White era -- including all 28 different versions of Unown, which are of course drawn as sexy maids. There's a thoroughness, a dedication, and even some pretty awesome fashion choices on display, and we've got the whole thing and a close-up look at some of our favorites after the jump! Female on Geekologieall Sexy Pokemon Girls are featured in a single massive image, and be advised before you click: the full-sized version is huge :. Virtually every entry in this piece of insanity is interesting in one way or another, but for those of you who don't want to spend all day scrolling through sexy, here pokemon a few highlights:.
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